venerdì 29 maggio 2015


Dress Dresslink - Tights Dresslink - Harness Ebay - Boots Jeffrey Campbell

Another post full of new items! I got some new things from Dresslink, you already saw the tights some posts before, the dress is quite sheer and I really recommend to you to wear a simple black bodycon dress under it, 'cause it's not really cool to show your underwear this way ahahah. I paired it with gold details to match my new Jeffrey Campbell Litrane. I got them for a ridicolous price on ebay and because I'm really in love with my Platrane boots when I saw the Lita version my heart went totally doki doki ahah. Maybe I should do a video about my JC collection, I already have 8 different pairs ahah

mercoledì 27 maggio 2015

Monochrome summer

New post with some monochrome ideas for summer! You all know I'm always a black-fan even in summer time, so I checked the website Romwe (you already saw a post with some really good quality products I tried) and made a little collage with some of the monochromatic items I like the most!

Lately I really enjoy the grid prints (thanks to my cutie Yapo ) and it's a nice idea creating easy and cozy coord without looking too plain and simple. You can pair them with almost every color accessories to give to the whole look a different touch! I really like this print over t-shirts, skirts and socks, I can't wait to add some of them to my closet!

The second collage is all about white! I'm big fan of white even if I'm not still really comfortable wearing it, but I'm working on it and you'll see some new total white summer outfits for sure! It's the best option to stay fresh and avoid the summer sun. Asymetric dresses, large cardigans and lace kimonos are absolutely my favorite for the season! White tees are perfect to pair with a simple black skirts, but I wanted to make a total white coord with a t-shirt too 8D.

For last my usual black favourites! The last summer I totally changed my mind about long dresses, now I love them and they're the perfect choice if you want to stay cozy but also elegant or cool! You can't never go wrong with a beautiful lace dress, it's my pass-pourt for the summer time especially coordinated with huge platform sandals!

Let me know what are your favorite colors/prints/themes for summer time! I'm always searching for inspiration.